About Me

Hello, I am a research fellow at the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences SOGES, University of Southampton, UK. My current research interest is in analyzing human altered coasts at the global coasts, and its implication for the broader concept of climate change adaptation and urban resilience. Previously I lived and worked in Shanghai (China) and Cape Town (South Africa) before moving to my current location in the UK. Broadly, I work on combining several elements of coastal zone management into Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), especially using Earth Observation (EO) and integrated GIS tools. I have experience in using both optical and radar remote sensing techniques to map long term changes at the coast including land use, land subsidence, vegetation, surface water etc. Moreover, I apply this knowlesge and skill of EO and GIS into various industries ranging from Telecom to business analytics and education.

In addtion, I am a steering committee member of the International Geographical Union's Commission on Coastal Systems , Fellow of Future Earth Coasts and Board Member of the Asian Geographical Association . My primary role in these organizations is to promote coastal geoscience education and make scientific knowledge available to common people via means of social media. I also engage with people from various backgrounds to understand the critical position of our fragile coastal ecosystem.I believe much can be addressed if we communicate geoscience in an effective manner.

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